The film locations of the Netflix adaptation of Persuasion will transport you to Bath in Georgian times and some of the finest country houses in England. The movie Persuasion (2022) has divided Jane Austen fans. The Netflix movie, starring Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot and Cosmo Jarvis as Captain Wentworth, is by some considered “too modern”.

But while the dialogue and manners of the character more resemble modern times, the film locations stay true to the Georgian times in which the story is set. Beautiful historic houses are used to serve as the fictional Kellynch Hall and Uppercross. And the landscapes of the southeastern English coast will entrance everyone.

You can visit most Persuasion film locations. Wander through a Tudor house that hosted the Royal court or visit the pleasure palace of Sir. Francis Dashwood, which was used as the home of Lady Dalrymple. Or you can visit Bath and Lyme’s historic towns with its historic buildings and beautiful landscapes.

In this article, you will read more about the country houses and landscapes that were used as the film locations for Persuasion.


Where was Persuasion (Netflix) filmed?  

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Trafalgar Park as Kellynch Hall

Kellynch Hall is the much-beloved family home of Anne Elliot and her family. At the beginning of the movie, the family has to rent out Kellynch to Admiral Croft as Sir Walter Elliot is deeply in debt. Several rooms at Trafalgar Park are used in Persuasion, like The Cipriani Room (named after Giovanni Battista Cipriani, who painted the room), which is used as Sir. Walter’s office.   

The Georgian country house was built in 1733 and stands on extensive grounds on the left bank of the River Avon.  

credit: Savills

The name of the house dates from the early 19th century when the 1st Viscount Nelson was shot during the Battle of Trafalgar. His eldest brother, The Rev. William Nelson (later Earl Nelson), lobbied for an estate to honor his brother. Standlynch Park was chosen and renamed Trafalgar Park.

The house was put up for sale in 2021, allowing the production of Persuasion to use it as Kellynch Hall.   

credit: Brymtpon House

Brympton House as Uppercross House

Uppercross House is the grand house of the Musgrove family, the in-laws of Anne’s sister Mary. The Persuasion scenes at the great house of Uppercross were filmed at Brympton House (or Brympton d’Evercy) in Somerset.

credit: Brympton House

Brympton House is considered one of the finest country houses in England. The history of the manor goes all the way back to 1220 when the d’Evercy family built a house here. Over the course of five centuries, the house turned into its present form, with each generation enlarging and altering the house according to the latest fashion. Despite this mixture of architectural styles, the house has a cohesive look thanks to the use of golden-yellow hamstone.  

Brymtpon House is open to visitors on selected days, which can be found on the official website.

Michael Garlick / Chenies Manor House, a c15th and c16th brick building / CC BY-SA 2.0

Chenies Manor as Uppercross Cottage

Anne is a frequent visitor at Uppercross Cottage, the family home of Anne’s sister Mary. Chenies Manor is used as the film location for Uppercross Cottage in Persuasion.

The house was built in the 15th century by Sir John Cheyne, and soon after, it became the seat of the Dukes of Bedford. John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford, improved and enlarged the manor to house the royal court. At this time, the house was known as Chenies Palace, and it hosted many royal visitors.

The house fell into disrepair, but Elizabeth and Alistair Macleod Matthews lovingly restored it in the 20th century. The interesting Tudor house and its award-winning gardens are still a private home, but it is open to visitors on selected days.      

credit: Netflix

West Wycombe Park as Lady Dalrymple’s house

The vain Sir. Walter Elliot is extremely pleased with the family connection between the Elliots and Lady Dalrymple. In the movie, the Elliots visit Lady Dalrymple at her house. These scenes are filmed at West Wycombe Park.

West Wycombe Park is an 18th-century country house in Buckinghamshire. The grand house was built as a pleasure palace for Sir. Francis Dashwood, 2nd Baronet, and remained the home of the Dashwood family for over three hundred years.  

The Palladian house is set in 45 acres of landscaped parkland, and it’s currently owned by the National Trust. Eight rooms of the house are open to visitors. They are decorated in a mix of Baroque, Rococo, and classical styles, with painted ceilings, marbled walls, and ornate fireplaces.

The Blue Drawing Room at West Wycombe House is used as the drawing room of Lady Dalrymple in Persuasion. The ceiling in the drawing room shows a copy of a bacchanalian scene by Annibale Caracci in Rome.  

credit: Michael Coppins

Osterley Park and House as Bath’s Assembly Rooms

The film location for Bath’s assembly rooms is Osterley House in West London. The Georgian manor house originally dates from the 1570s, but Robert Adam remodeled it in the 18th century. Today, the house looks as it would have done in the 1780s, and it is considered one of the finest and most complete houses designed by Robert Adam.

The Entrance Hall and Long Gallery of Osterley House are used for the social gathering scenes in Bath. The house and park (a rare survival in Greater London) are now owned by the National Trust and open to visitors.        


Jane Austen was greatly inspired by the houses and places she stayed in during her lifetime. Jane visited Lyme several times in her short life, and she liked the picturesque seaside town so much that several important scenes in Persuasion happened in this town on the south coast of England.

The Cobb at Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis’ harbour wall is called the Cobb, which was built as a breakwater to protect ships and the town. The Cobb plays an important role in Persuasion. It is at the “Granny’s Teeth” – the protruding stone steps that connect the lower part to the upper part –  that Anne’s friend Louisa Musgrove falls and suffers a concussion.

The Beaches and Cliffs near Lyme Regis

The region surrounding Lyme is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, boasting a mixture of sandy and pebble beaches and spectacular cliff-top walks. These natural features have even enhanced the scenic settings in the film “Persuasion.”

A particular highlight is the South West Coast Path National Trail, which winds through the town of Lyme and leads to the Golden Cap. As the highest point on the south coast, the Golden Cap offers awe-inspiring views of Lyme Bay.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Lyme area is also recognized as part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, known for being one of the most significant locations for prehistoric remains. If you find yourself exploring the filming locations of “Persuasion” in Lyme, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this extraordinary natural wonder.

credit: Netflix

Freshwater Beach at Burton Bradstock

After the party first encounters Mr. Elliot in Lyme, Anne and Wentworth have their first proper, private conversation. While Anne is standing on the beach, Wentworth walks up to her to apologize for his behavior earlier that day, and an offer of friendship is made and accepted.

It’s a pivotal moment in the movie as both Anne and Captain Wentworth acknowledge their fondness for each other. This important scene was filmed at Freshwater Beach at Burton Bradstock. It’s a private beach that belongs to the Dorset Holiday Park.


The historic city of Bath plays an important role in the novel Persuasion. After the family is forced to leave their home Kellynch Hall, the family moves to Bath.  

Bath is located in the southwest of England and is famous for its historic architecture and well-preserved Roman baths. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a strong connection to Jane Austen. Jane lived in Bath for several years, and the city also hosts a Jane Austen Museum.

Many period dramas are filmed in Bath thanks to its historic streets and well-preserved historic houses. The Netflix adaptation of Persuasion also filmed scenes in this beautiful city.

Royal Crescent as The Elliot’s Camden Place

When the Elliot family moves to Bath, they reside in a house on Camden Place. In the movie, the Camden Place family home of the Elliots is filmed at the Royal Crescent in Bath.

The Royal Crescent is a landmark in Bath and has appeared often in period dramas. The thirty terraced houses are laid out in a sweeping crescent shape and reflect the elegance and grandeur of the Georgian period.    

The architectural landmark was built between 1767 and 1774 and designed by architect John Wood the Younger. You can easily visit this landmark and film location, or you can stay at the luxury Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa. And if you want to know more about Georgian life, you can visit the museum at No. 1 Royal Crescent.

Bath Street

The colonnaded Bath Street in Bath also features in the movie. Bath Street is a charming historic street in the UNESCO city. The modern shops located on this street were transformed into Georgian shops, such as Madame LeFroy Haberdasher and Milliner.

Bath Street is not an unfamiliar location for a period drama. The popular Netflix series Bridgerton also filmed scenes on this charming street.  

The Gravel Walk

The Gravel Walk in Bath is a path that connects the Royal Crescent with Queen Square. This path appears in the movie Persuasion and is also mentioned in the Jane Austen novel.

In the novel, Captain Wentworth and Anne go on a stroll on this path after their reconciliation.

In the movie, after reading Wentworth’s letter, which declares his love for her, Anne runs after Frederick Wentworth, which ends with them finally finding their way back to each other for good.

About Persuasion

Persuasion is the story of Anne Elliot, who, as a young woman, was persuaded by Lady Russell to reject the marriage proposal of Fredrick Wentworth. Eight years later, Anne is still unmarried, and Wentworth, who is now a wealthy Captain, reappears in her life.  

The cast includes Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot, Cosmo Jarvis as Captain Wentworth, Richard E. Grant as Sir Walter Elliot, Henry Golding as Mr. Elliot, Yolanda Kettle as Elizabeth Elliot, Nikki Amuka-Bird as Lady Russell, Lydia Rose Bewley as Penelope Clay, Mia McKenna-Bruce as Mary Musgrove, Nia Towle as Louisa Musgrove, and Ben Bailey Smith as Charles Musgrove.

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