The 1995 movie adaptation of Sense and Sensibility is the most famous adaptation of the Jane Austen novel by the same name. The film locations of the Sense and Sensibility movie take you to England in Georgian times.   

The Ang Lee-directed movie adaptation of Sense and Sensibility has a stellar cast. Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet star as the Dashwood sisters Elinor and Marianne. While the supporting cast consists of Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon, Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars, and Harriet Walter as Fanny Dashwood.

Grand English country houses have been used as the film locations of the movie, and most locations are open to visitors. While Marianne could only glance at Combe Magna, you can visit the medieval castle that was used as the film location. Or visit Saltram House, which was used as the film location for the family seat of the Dashwood family. And you can even stay at Barton Cottage.

In this article, you will read more about the film locations for the Sense and Sensibility movie adaptation.


Where Was Sense and Sensibility Filmed?

The movie was mainly filmed in the county of Devon on the south coast of England.  

credit: Adrian Farwell

Saltram House as Norland Park

Set in a rolling landscape park on the outskirts of Plymouth and overlooking the River Plym you will find Saltram House. Saltram House was used as the film location for Norland Park, the family home of the Dashwood family.

The story of Sense and Sensibility starts at Norland Park when Mr. Dashwood dies. This event has a large impact on the Dashwood sisters, and they are now forced to leave the home they’ve always known as the estate is inherited by their older half-brother John Dashwood (James Fleet).

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elinor dashwood emma thompson in saltram house
Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood writing in the Saloon at Saltram House

Saltram House is an 18th-century mansion that is considered the most impressive country house in Devon. Robert Adam designed the house, and the drawing room at Saltram House is considered Adam’s finest interiors. The Parker family owned the early Georgian house, which has a large collection of paintings and furniture.

One great scene at Norland Park is set in the country house library of Saltram House, where Margeret Dashwood hides under a table and is protected by Edward Ferrars.

Saltram House is now owned by the National Trust, which opened the house for visitors.  

Efford House as Barton Cottage

The new home of the Dashwood women is a small cottage that is offered to them by Mrs. Dashwood’s cousin Sir. John Middleton (Robert Hardy). The scenes at Barton Cottage are filmed at Efford House in Devon. The cottage is located near Palmflete Beach on the Devon Coast.

If you really love Sense and Sensibility then you can book a stay at Efford House as the cottage is now available as a holiday rental.

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Montacute House as Cleveland

When Elinor and Marianne leave London, they break their journey at Cleveland, the house of Mr. Palmer (Hugh Laurie) and Charlotte Palmer (Imelda Staunton). Without giving too much away, Cleveland plays an important part in the story of Marianne Dashwood.  

Montacute House is used as the film location for the scenes at Cleveland. The mansion in South Somerset is a masterpiece of Elizabethan Renaissance architecture and design. And it’s one of the few prodigy houses that has survived almost unchanged from the Elizabethan era.   

The National Trust owns the house. Besides its stunning architecture, you will also find a collection of old oils and watercolors on loan from the National Portrait Gallery.

Besides Sense and Sensibility, Montacute House was also used as a film location for Wolf Hall and The Libertine.

credit: Henry Kellner

Wilton House as London Ballroom

Wilton House is often used as a film location for period dramas, and it is also used in Sense and Sensibility. The dramatic London ballroom scenes were filmed at Wilton House.

The house is built on the site of a 9th-century nunnery (Wilton Abbey) and has been the family seat of the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years. The 17th-century house is set on 21 acres of landscaped parkland with water and rose gardens, close to the River Nadder and Palladian Bridge.  

The House features seven State Rooms and multiple magnificent “Secondary Rooms.” The ballroom scene is filmed at The Double Cube Room at Wilton House.

Wilton House is also used as a film location in Pride and Prejudice, Emma, The Young Victoria, Bridgerton, and The Crown.

credit: Savills

Trafalgar Park as Barton Park

The Dashwood women spent several days at Barton Park, the house of their friend Colonel Brandon. The scenes at Barton Park are filmed at Trafalgar Park in Wiltshire.

The Georgian house was built in the early 18th century on the left bank of the River Avon. The house was named after the Battle of Trafalgar after the Rev. William Nelson lobbied for an estate to honor his brother, the 1st Viscount Nelson, who was shot during the battle.

Trafalgar Park was also used as the film location for Kellynch Hall in Persuasion.

credit: Mompesson House by Neil Owen

Mompesson House as Mrs. Jennings’ London Townhouse

Elinor and Marianne Dashwood spent several weeks in London, where they stayed at the townhouse of Mrs. Jennings. Mompesson House in the heart of Salisbury’s Cathedral Close is used as the film location for Mrs. Jennings’ townhouse.

Mompesson House is an 18th-century house that is built in the Queen Anne style for Sir. Thomas Mompesson.The National Trust now owns the house and showcases the Turnbull collection of English 18th-century drinking glasses, a collection of watercolors by former resident Barbara Townsend, and fine period furniture.

credit: Columbia/Tristar

The house is also visible during a conversation between Elinor Dashwood and Colonel Brandon.  

Mothecombe House as The Drawing Room in Mrs. Jennings’ London House 

As often in movies, exterior and interior scenes are not always filmed at the same location. This is also the case for the drawing room in Mrs. Jennings London townhouse. While some scenes are filmed at Mompesson House, the drawing room scene is filmed at Mothecombe House in Devon.

Mothecombe House is a Queen Anne house that also features additions by Sir. Edwin Lutyens. The gardens at Mothevombe House are worthy of a visit. You can combine a visit to the gardens of Mothecombe House with a stay at Efford House, as they are located close to each other.    

credit: Brian Abbott

Compton Castle as Combe Magna

Mr. Willoughby owns Combe Magna, and we also get to see his grand house in Sense and Sensibility. Compton Castle in Devon is used as the location of the fictional Combe Magna in the movie.

Compton Castle is a rare survival of a medieval fortress with a high curtain wall, towers, and portcullis. The castle is set in a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and orchards. The house has been the home of the Gilbert family for almost 600 years, and even though the National Trust now owns the castle, the family still has the right to live there.

Parish Church of St. Mary Berry Pomeroy as The Wedding Church

At the end of Sense and Sensibility, the wedding scene is filmed at St. Mary’s Church of Berry Pomeroy. The late 15th-century church was built by Richard de Pomeroy and has a forty-two feet long rood screen (an ornate partition between the chancel and nave) which is one of the finest in Devon.

About Sense and Sensibility

The 1995 movie adaptation of Sense and Sensibility was directed by Ang Lee and written by Emma Thompson. It was nominated for seven Academy Awards (including Best Actress for Emma Thompson and Best Supporting Actress for Kate Winslet), and Emma Thompson won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.  

The cast includes Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood, Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood, Gemma Jones as Mrs. Dashwood, Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars, Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon, Greg Wise as John Willoughby, Harriet Walter as Fanny Dashwood, Tom Wilkinson as Mr. Dashwood, James Fleet as John Dashwood, Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer, and Imelda Staunton as Charlotte Palmer.

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